Go Back to the Rock, Vol. 1

Our first Rock Compilation is out. Check out portals like Amazon or Deezer to listen to it. Listen to music from the following artists: EURAGO ARKTUR, Deagal, Die Engineers, Empire Of The Weak, Driven by Demons, CROWNFALL, Morbid Tales, Restructive, LOCKDOWN-19, HEAVISIDII, Early Fox, Käptn Kaos, Showbiz, Electric Death Rodeo, Secret Basement, Evan Treborn, Felix … Read moreGo Back to the Rock, Vol. 1

Riding Byke in Amsterdam (The Remix Collaboration) is out

Today „Chemical Modulation“ brings out there new single „Riding Byke in Amsterdam (The Remix Collaboration)“. You can listen and download it at every big portal. Enjoy it. Also on board are artist like Acid James, Madeleine Bloom and Moritz Schippers.

Translation Error, Vol. 1

We thought it was time for a great jazz compilation. And here it is Listen to music from the following artists: Billy Prim & Matthew Mitchell, Jordi Gaspar, Krists Saržants, Franco Fabbrini, Alessandro Giachero & Francesco Petreni TRIO feat. Michael Blake, Playground Quartet, Okapi Okapi, Wolfgang Oppelt, Hireneus, Jazzer Crew, Julian Hahn Trio, PORK PIE … Read moreTranslation Error, Vol. 1

Crossing Electronic Music, Vol. 1

Today we published our electro/minimal compilation. The sound is a little bit special. Only something for connoisseurs and lovers of electronic music The following artists are represented on our compilation: Mr. Noize, Zenner, Wes Rock DJ Gisus, Pele, Dada Inc., Oswald Mueller, Marx.P, Jason Wallez, Mika (Sa), Hansgod, Electronic Yellow Jammer, Chemical Modulation, Electronic Yellow … Read moreCrossing Electronic Music, Vol. 1

Electronicamente, Vol. 1

Since today our first compilation is out. You can buy it as digital version or stream. The following artists are represented on our compilation: Mauro Rubio, Jens Mueller, Alexander Koning & Ed DeJon, Skinship, Dada Inc., Julian Kay, Lennart Paul, The Oxy Generator, Chad (UK), Joltask, Stefan Tretau, Stanny Abram & Bilboni, Chemical Modulation, Mondmann … Read moreElectronicamente, Vol. 1

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