Crossing Electronic Music, Vol. 2

Yes we know We’re running late. But there hasn’t been a lot of space for marketing lately. So now for all of you who haven’t noticed it yet. We have a new compilation at the start. Once across the current electronic music. Have a listen.

Listen to music from the following artists:

Ron Ractive, Auditory Pathways, A.D.M. (Italy) & Simone Venanzi, Frankie Sottile, Les Winner’s, Sgt.Elias, Neo Lectro, DJ Deeon, Tonti Guerito, Oswald Mueller, Maxwell Smart, Minimal Project Cologne, Chemical Modulation, Juggernauts On Titan, Tobias Köppel, Van Aiden, RaviGauly, Sergey Bedrock & Bimka, Milena Medu, Francesco Fabbi, Polyplay, Rudolfo, Deadvader, Kentaro Yanagita, Hela Hoshinton, Sol Levante, Dkuemponer, YaNIX, Digital Dope, Dj Savet 2K, Carlos Native, Bionic Visions, Morix Melodic, Segadd, Crystin, Bantunani, Mr. Laz, Aether
DJ Flint feat. DJ Deeon, Dorninger, Glammer Twins feat. Patric

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