Electronicamente, Vol. 2

Round 2 for our compilation Electronicamente. Volume Number 2 is out today. You can buy it as digital version or stream. Check it out.

Listen to music from the following artists:

Florian Fischer, Rick Fox, Maxwell Smart, Mondmann, Takuya Yamashita & Masaru Saito, Hipster Aura, Ron Ractive, Tobias Köppel, Random Classes, The Dutch Deepartment, Minimal Project Cologne, Dada Inc., Chemical Modulation, Kentaro Yanagita, Oswald Mueller, Tom la Mer, A.D.M. (Italy) & Simone Venanzi, Coco Basel, Hype Nine, Vantero, Patrick P., Mauro Ghess, Slim Size, Simplex Sensus, Disque Omo, Mark Well, Sp3kDrum, T. Orlando, Transitive Feelings, Antonio Ruiz, Helder Barroso, Deck238, SubDan, Vykvet, Ihopeyouboughtflowers, F.I.F.T.E.E.N, Sgt.Elias, Denny Dionys

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