Electronicamente, Vol. 5

Round 5 for our compilation Electronicamente. Volume Number 5 is out today. You can buy it as digital version or stream. Check it out. Best Minimal Techno, Minimal House and Deep House.

Listen to music from the following artists:

DEC75, Topazz, Diniz (CH), Fabian Guenther, Ron Ractive, Sixteenth Pulse, Alexander Bollinger, 10.log10, Submeditation, Erick Wan Bacher & Kiara B, The Oxy Generator, Mondmann, Chemical Modulation, FL Acid & Back to 141 feat. Dusty Deckk, Sical, Dusty Deckk, Genaro Fernandez, Saba Rock & Maremare, Christian Belt, Patrice W., Felicia Bye, Seica, Eixco, Dj Hakma, K 77, Patrick P., Elpierro, Stube, DJ Joe, B33 Plays, Chilli Black, Sandro Dessi, Curly Angel, Rafal Kulik, Mardon Bros

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