Translation Error, Vol. 3

Jazz – yes please. Our new jazz compilation is out Listen to music from the following artists: Matej Dzido, Alice Faye, Tom Reese & Kirk Reese, Joh Wra, Patrieck Bonnet, Davina Marinozzi, Salomon Baumgartner, Lounge Myrial, Milky Swing, Olgarithmus, Nils Tegen, PORK PIE HAT, Chemical Modulation & Moritz Schippers, Sergio Novozhilov & Lyra Novozhilova, Sjoerd … Read moreTranslation Error, Vol. 3

Mouse Beats

Now that the clubs are open again, it was time for a house music compilation. Listen to songs from the following artits: Ibizamotion, Jose Aranda, Culpi, JackMar, gsky. & Barlon, Dada Inc., Roland De Saint, D-Phunk Behousung, Jim Reaper, Sam One, Cristobal Chaves, Simplex Sensus, Chemical Modulation, Daniel La Peur, The Alien Brainchild Project, Frank … Read moreMouse Beats

Go Back to the Rock, Vol. 3

Part 3 of our rock/metal compilation is out. With international bands. Listen to music from the following artists: La Petite Mort/Little Death, JULLIEN, Sündflut, Epilirium, BAD BUTLER, KOBAY, Doll Circus, Reinhard Spindelberger, B.A.S.T.A, Wasted Origin, Richtaste, Tokyo, Elephants in Paradise, Science of Logic, Tw!xx, Lee Jones, Leaving Spirit, DaFOO, fauxpas, Scarlet Aura, A.R.K.S., BLOODSHED WALHALLA, … Read moreGo Back to the Rock, Vol. 3

Week-End Electronique, Vol. 3

Today we published the third part of our techno compilation. Finest Underground music for all lovers of  techno music. Listen to music from the following artists: MO DR, Greg Denbosa, Ayako Mori, Sakin Bozkurt, Ryon Tavel, Gieziabisai, Hektor Pascal, Ilker Yilmaz, Czortez, QUAL & FREUDE, Pitch!, Oisin, Chris Piks, Aumer, Jssst, Chemical Modulation, VESO, Roger … Read moreWeek-End Electronique, Vol. 3

Onion Yieldion

We tried something new. How about a compilation of acid jazz, nu-jazz and jazz house. Listen to songs from the following artits: Daniel Astacio feat. Alden Slack, Collective Sound Members, DJ Lopo, Leotone, Subjazz, Adam Schock, Thomas Dür, DJ Nenne, Señor Torpedo, Babis Kotsanis, Eric Trane, Bantunani, Chemical Modulation & Moritz Schippers, Pauss, Circles and … Read moreOnion Yieldion

Workshop and Party is out

Chemical Modulation has released a new ep / album. It is the second part of the ADE2017 tetralogy series. Thursday morning we went to ADE University. There should be lectures all day. From people from the scene who are successful. One hoped for special tricks and opportunities to push his music. But in reality you … Read moreWorkshop and Party is out

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