Go Back to the Rock, Vol. 3

Part 3 of our rock/metal compilation is out. With international bands.

Listen to music from the following artists:

La Petite Mort/Little Death, JULLIEN, Sündflut, Epilirium, BAD BUTLER, KOBAY, Doll Circus, Reinhard Spindelberger, B.A.S.T.A, Wasted Origin, Richtaste, Tokyo, Elephants in Paradise, Science of Logic, Tw!xx, Lee Jones, Leaving Spirit, DaFOO, fauxpas, Scarlet Aura, A.R.K.S., BLOODSHED WALHALLA, Arctic Sea Survivors, ADDICT, Wasabi, Willie Tanner, Will Rayson, Kontrollverlust, hectoPascal, AB29, APE SHIFTER, Manìnblù, Evan Treborn, Lucy Dreamin‘, Shag Green, The Boy From Space, Midstride Crisis, Bruno Mariani

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