Crossing Electronic Music, Vol. 1

Today we published our electro/minimal compilation. The sound is a little bit special. Only something for connoisseurs and lovers of electronic music

The following artists are represented on our compilation:

Mr. Noize, Zenner, Wes Rock DJ Gisus, Pele, Dada Inc., Oswald Mueller, Marx.P, Jason Wallez, Mika (Sa), Hansgod, Electronic Yellow Jammer, Chemical Modulation, Electronic Yellow Jammer, Stone Mason, Genaro Fernandez, Pejo, Antonio Spaziani, Kuchinke & Bayer, Afrodog, Ron Ractive, Dexter Dub, Ullip, Kelin Ulrikas, Johnny Golden, Projekt Euphoria, Tom Newman, Gouthy, MIND2MIND, Skeef Menezes, Auditory Pathways, a sine a square, Hamaton3, Vladimir Sterzer, Ekars feat. Khmuriy Lesnik, Bahrenfeld, Emison, JadeHase, Frank Fear, Steven Vim & DJ Creexx

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